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Why One Designer Bag is Better
Than a Million Others

„ Buy less, choose well “ is Viviene Westwood's mantra, and she is one hot-shot figure in the world of fashion, responsible for all the modern punk and new wave fashion streams we enjoy today. According to her, every women who is mature in fashion sense should know and follow this simple rule; buying too much and following every trend is very close to becoming a tacky fashion rookey. And when designer bags are the main topic of talk, we all kind of back down a little, because hey, lets be honest: none of us has that much money to spend on as many designer bags as we would like to own. And that's where this wonderful rule of  'less is more' becomes our rescue rope; it's silly to spend a fortune on million bags with a short life-span. Instead, one good, quality all-timer designer bag will be here to complement your outfits for quite some time. Will cost a little more than you're willing to give but it will be worth it. If you're doubting my conclusion (I hardly think you do though) think about these three supporting facts:
Quality for your money, or as finance experts would say, an investment
How many times have the handles on your bags got broken or torn? And how many times has the surface of the bag got scratched and the colour was damaged? Yeah I know -  a lot. And that hurts, especially if you have one of those leather bags women buy like crazy believing that they can own actual leather for so little money. Now, I won't defend designer bags that much to be absolute and say that that will never happen with one, but at least you'll give that expensive little piece of heaven a good ride before you put it to rest. Plus, don't be fooled, quality is visible and easy to spot with a trained eye.
Stating your confidence loud and clear
Of course a designer bag is your most powerful statement possesion! Call me superficial, but you're thinking it too; that woman with one of the Armani leather bags women drool over in front of the shopwindow must be someone who is something. Ok, maybe not that superficial, but hey, that woman certainly will earn your admiration because that woman walks with her head high, all powerful and ready to rush through her day with effectiveness, power, completion and most importantly, a burst of positive energy!
A designer bag goes well with every outfit
I don't know if you can remember, but there was this amazing scene in Sex and the City with the Birkin bag, when Samantha sees a random woman walking by her, dressed in a sweatsuit and carrying the IT bag that has a waiting list for. That episode says it all about bags, but in this particular case, it has a specific point: a quality designer statement bag goes well with every outfit, even with a sweatsuit and running shoes, because it simply is that good. I know, you can't just cope with the idea of wearing an extremely expensive leather bag with the sweatsuit you wear to the gym or for grocery shopping, but it's possible. And it looks amazing!
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