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Connect You Mini Displayport To HDMI

The HDMI audio/video interface standard has become pretty popular. In fact, it is the most common digital connection used in TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, A/V receivers, digital cameras, camcorders, and in some smartphones. HDMI implementations are also used in desktops and laptop computers to allow users to connect a gaming console or a set-top box the computer so users can use its display for another purpose.Add paragraph text here.

The mini displayport to HDMI allow users to connect a high definition projector, monitor, or LCD that uses an HDMI cable or connector to a MacBook, MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro. But it can also be fitted to some PC motherboards, and some PC notebooks from Microsoft, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, HP and other manufacturers.

Benefits Of Using A Mini Displayport To HDMI

A mini displayport to HDMI offers many direct and indirect benefits to its user. Direct benefits include the availability of display adapter for legacy display types, higher performance, and the ability to connect various displays to a single video output. Indirect benefits include lower system cost and smaller system form factor, because it allows better system integration, is royalty free and need less RF shielding. A mini displayport to HDMI also uses a small connector, or can be blended with other interfaces onto a single common connector.t here.

Adapters and Capabilities

The most common types of mini displayport to HDMI available on the market are:

Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt to HDMI with Audio 5.1

An adapter that supports 1080p video and digital audio. When compared to other adapters available in the market, this adapter is the one of the most advanced adapters with the ability to provide clear high quality audio and video through the use of Apple minijack.


  • Works with any HDMI device

  • Enables highest quality resolution to support up to 1080p deep color

  • Supports compressed 5.1 channel audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital

  • Supports uncompressed 5.1 channel audio such as LPCM

  • Supports HDMI 8 bit per channel (24 bit all channel) deep color

  • USB does not support analog audio signal

Mini Displayport 1.2a

Designed to allow users to connect an HDMI, DVI or VGA display to a mini displayport, this adapter comes with a long cable length and with polycarbonate connector heads. The DVI and VGA connectors come with panel screw holes, which allow users so secure the cable to the connector.


  • Connects to both Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt video outputs

  • Conforms to DisplayPort 1.2a standard

    Supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160p @30Hz)

  • Supports Single Link DVI resolutions up to 1920x1080p @60Hz

  • Supports VGA resolutions up to 1920x1080p @60Hz

  • PASSIVE adapter is NOT compatible with some multidisplay modes.

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