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Your Crime - True Love Quotes

This is one of my favorite true love quotes.

To be honest,
I couldn't care less about you at this point.
I thought about everything thoroughly tonight,
I realized the truth.
You are doing all those different things now to get me out of your life.
Deleting me everywhere you see my name.
Nope, not because everything has come to end,
but because I am too good for you.
I am too good,
and you know it,
but you cannot face that fact.
What stabbed me in my back
were my own emotions.
They held me back
and kept me in the dark for two months.
But now,
I have aroused with a new me,
the old me.
Who never needed you in the first place,
but still grew close to you as a way to pass my time.
I never knew that time pass would become the most dangerous thing of my life.
No matter what,
I will never forget you,
because you not only taught me how to hate love,
but you taught me how to get back up when one is torn apart.
What keeps me going everyday is the fact,
that one day,
I will be famous and perfect,
and you will regret losing me.
Regret it when I came back to you,
and did all sorts of things that could cause me my life.
You will remember all those letters and gifts I bought you,
but you never put in enough effort to grab them.
Well it sucks for you right?
I have suffered through a lot,
and no,
I will not let you live in peace.
You will have to suffer the way I did.
Cry the way I did,
hate yourself the way I did,
the different thing is that you will never recover like me.
You will have that broken piece in your heart.
Which will remind you of your crime.
Run where you want to,
do what you want to,
but you will never escape.
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