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Rebel While You May: Reasons to Get a Skateboard Without Delay

There is a common opinion that the 90's were so hip and trendy with the massive expansion of the rock and roll culture and the daredevil sports like skateboarding and roller-skating. Apart from the clothing who even today looks awesome, younger generations forget about the cool moments of watching skater adds and poster and, of course, buying your first skateboard.

Time's change and now you can buy skateboards online and start your journey to the great community of skateboarding. You will be astonished how the skating community is united, helpful and simply amazing. For instance, when deluxe rep Rob Pontes got diagnosed with ALS, the donations for his medication was raised in just one week, with nearly 90% of the donations coming from skaters!

As a novice skater, you can always get advice from skaters around the skateboard fields and teach you a trick or two. Remember to be free, experiment and use that adrenaline to be creative. No matter how other are technically good, remember there are endless ways on how to push it. Just by looking at history in the last 20 years or so, skating has changed a lot. Whether is Mega Ramp or Lucas Puig, you can see those stunts on Instagram today done by a lot of skaters. The line is always pushed. Okay so what if you are 45 years old or 50 even? If you body is ready then go ahead and roll yourself to glory!

On the other hand, why not put your kids through the most fun period of their lives? Imagine that they are so good and they make a name for themselves like Tony Hawk – the king of skating. It all starts with pushing your skateboard on your home street. Tricks are learned and forgotten easily, yet practice must remain even in those dire times. The thrill will never go away easily, the fire will still burn in your heart and gut, so never forget where you came from.

Whether you make an impact as a kid or as you be in your 20s, knowing that you have inspired someone else in skating can be very awesome feelings. When you are 18 you will probably have a huge ego and seeing some kids doing better than you can be frustrating. As you get older, when you look back and see those new generations, doings trick better even than the aforementioned generations. Time passes fast, trends change if you are still thinking about buying skateboards online then stop and do it - a new world of challenge awaits you!

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