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How To Weatherproof Your Outdoor Garden Ornaments

You enjoy relaxing outdoor when home, and decorating your garden is the best way to spend your free time. With all those outdoor garden ornaments available on the market you can make your outdoor living space very unique and attractive. They are great pieces that instantly add style to any outdoor décor, but when constantly exposed to different weather conditions like heat, rain and wind, they are prone to weathering. Luckily, keeping your outdoor garden ornaments by weatherproofing them is easy with a little knowledge and few supplies. 

Weather conditions sometimes can make real chaos on outdoor décor, especially if you live in place with harsh climate changes. Coating your outdoor garden ornaments with wax offers high level of protection against rain and water. You can use car wax or any other type of wax available on the market. application is also an easy and simple process, you just have to rub the wax over the entire ornament
using sponge or cloth.

Water Sealers

Water sealers are another great products that comes useful, especially for concrete garden ornaments which are exposed to water. They are available in various forms, including paint and spray-on varieties. Applying a thin layer on your ornaments will do the trick, and applying it once per year prolongs the life of your outdoor décor. What is important when using water sealer is to wash your ornaments first in order to remove any debris and dirt. When you are done with sealing your décor, leave your ornaments to dry well in the sunshine.


Some types of ornaments are prone to crack when the weather turns cold and icy, especially if they have breaks or holes in the material. To deal with this problem, wrap the ornament in burlap or canvas. Other breathable covers like polypropylene sheets also provide great protection. Adding hay outside and inside the ornaments will prevent freezing.

Preventing Rust

Iron statues are prone to rust, but fortunately removing the rust is easy and simple. All you need is wire brush and vinegar, witch is great rust removal. After you're done with rust removing, the next step is to wash the statue with a damp cloth and apply a thin coat of water sealant, varnish or paint. After coating your outdoor garden ornaments baking them in high temperature for about an hour makes the whole procedure even more effective.


One part of keeping your outdoor garden ornaments in great looking condition and ready to withstand different elements is cleaning them properly. Some materials can be cleaned easily with water and soap,
while other require more care. If you have painted ornaments, don't use lot of water as you can remove the paint. When dealing with mildew and mold, water mixed with bleach is great choice. If you are
not sure how to keep your ornaments clean, ask your retailer for advice.


Some outdoor garden ornaments fare better if stored inside during the harsh weather conditions. This is especially true if the ornaments are antique, delicate or have some sentimental value for you. Placing them indoor or in shade during extreme heat or cold will prolong their life span. 

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