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Decorating Made Easy - the Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Centerpieces

Decorating a wedding can be fun, exciting but stressful as well. Once you set the date there are a lot of things you need to organize, especially if you are not using services from a professional wedding planner to get the job done for you. Although decorating your own wedding can be a time-consuming process, it is a great way to create the wedding of your dreams on a budget. One of the biggest advantages when decorating your wedding ceremony on your own is the money savings. You can buy cheap wedding decorations according to your needs and still make your wedding look expensive and luxury.

From all those things that need to be managed, decorations usually take a lot of effort and time. Table centrepieces are the one that will take the most of your attention as they have a huge impact on the overall appearance. Centrepieces can really pull it all together but only if they are arranged the right way. So, if you want to make sure you are doing things like a pro, read these few do's and don'ts.

Wedding Centerpieces

DO not afraid to mix low and tall centrepieces. It looks quite bad when you enter a wedding reception space that looks under decorated or empty. A mix of low and tall centrepieces will fill the room while making it more vibrant. The tall centrepieces bring an elegant touch to the room and make the ceiling looks higher. What you should keep in mind is to use them wisely as you do not want to block the view of the guests. Use tall centrepieces to decorate the tables with low traffic like a buffet or gift table while short or low centrepieces can be used for accommodating conversations among guests.

DON'T forget the shape of the table as each one has its own considerations when it comes to centrepieces. For instance, round tables can suit one centrepiece. You can opt for a toll one as the shape itself makes it easier to look around to the other people on the table. Square table has more space in the centre so you can use more arrangements to fill that space. The rectangular table also requires for multiple centrepieces but make sure you keep them narrow so you can avoid crowding the table.

DO save money on flowers. You can do this by using seasonal flowers for your centrepieces. This way you will avoid costs from shipping and duty fees and your blooms will be much fresher. If your wedding is in spring you can use magnolia, wisteria, sweet peas, tulips, lilacs, daffodils or hydrangeas. For summer wedding you can choose irises, roses, lavender, freesia, gerbera daisies and many more. Fall is the season of sunflowers, mums, zinnias, dahlias while winter is the most challenging season when it comes for flowers as here you have holly and poinsettias. If you want some other flower you need to visit your local flower shop but you should keep in mind that any flower that doesn't bloom in winder will be more expensive.

DON'T afraid to think outside the box. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating perfect wedding centrepieces. Flowers are standard practice for a wedding decor so what can you make so the decor will feel unique? You can divide into the range of cheap wedding decorations and opt for some creative vase. Once you know which flower you are going to use and the shape of the table you can choose an interesting vase that will complement the decor. Different styles of vases include barrel, stem, orb, column, bottle, rectangular and more. Most of the vases usually come made of glass but you can find some made of metal, ceramic, stone, wood or mosaic.

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