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Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

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Although the majority of 2020 was challenging for the world, it doesn't mean we should forget about the holidays. Let's hope that the worst is behind us and that we'll have a lovely Christmas.
Although for some of you, it may seem too early for presents, it's actually an ideal time to start planning what you'll give to your loved ones.
If you aren't able to roam the shops in your area, you can always get something online. But, even online shopping can be confusing if you don't know what exactly you want to get for your friends or family.
Maybe you have in mind gifts such as wine or edible Christmas gifts, pyjamas, mugs, or sweaters. Perhaps, you'd go a step forward and get a useful gift. Sounds overwhelming and you think that you are completely out of ideas? Here's our list, so we hope it will help you.

Gardening Kit

If your person is into gardening, or at least they're a plant parent, you know what would make them happy? A gardening kit is a lovely present idea. If your loved one has a garden you can make a nice combo of small gardening tools. If they live in a flat, you can give them some cool flower or vegetable seed, a pot and gloves. The possibility of combining these things is endless, and your mom, dad, friend or a partner would love it.

Personalized Mug

You may think that this isn't the most creative gift, because everyone has mugs, right? But, what if you personalize it? You can order a mug with their favourite quote, or a photo of your best moments together. You can even make a set of mugs for all your friends or family and add some cool story that connects those mugs. You want them to think of you every morning? A personalized mug is a cool gift.

Edible Gift

Are you tired of getting presents that won't be used ever? We feel you. This is why we added edible gifts on this list. Edible Christmas gifts are a great way to give someone their favourite candies wrapped up in a lovely bouquet. If you check edible arrangements Christmas gifts online, you'll wonder why you didn't come up with this idea before. Send a bucket full of tasty fruits, or a box of fresh doughnuts, decorated in the spirit of the holiday. This is a superb idea if you can't come up with a good idea, and simply want to treat your loved ones with delicious food.

Scratch-off World Map For Travelers

Is your friend or relative a world traveller? Ok, so maybe 2020 forces us to stay at home, but that doesn't mean you can't pick a scratch-off world map for your loved one. This is a unique gift that will put a huge smile on their face. They'll scratch off every place they've been on the planet, and it will inspire them to travel even more (once the world goes back to normal again).

Bath Bombs

Having a bathtub full of colourful bath bombs is surely a good way to pamper yourself. If you want to show love and appreciation for a dear person in your life, this is a great idea.
These bath bombs are made from organic ingredients such as Shea butter, essential oils, and clays. Shea butter is known for its moisturizing abilities thanks to vitamin A that improves various skin conditions like itchy and dry skin, wrinkles, and scars. This is especially great gift idea if your loved one is into skincare.


A purse is a great idea. This is a classic gift, but always practical. Your friend, mother or wife won't say no to a lovely crossbody bag, a clutch or handbag. Just make sure you know their style so you can match the design, colour and style.


Is there a person in this world who doesn't like pyjamas? It's not that we're at home for the majority of this year, but pyjamas are ideal not only for sleeping but also for working from home (2020 taught us that you can be equally productive in your PJs as you are in a suit).
Today you can find anything from onesies to a classic set of pyjamas. Summer pyjamas, warm fuzzy pyjamas for the cold days, a set with a cool print, colourful, silky, you name it. You can even get your person a Christmas theme pyjamas, so they can spend the holidays properly.

Vanity Mirror

Is your loved one a fan of makeup? If yes, then they'll always need a good vanity mirror to apply makeup effortlessly. This is one of those Christmas gifts that are practical and useful. We suggest you pick a model that lights up (with LED lights on the sides) and comes with a Bluetooth so your loved one can have fun listening to music while putting makeup on. It's ideal for taking selfies as well.

Custom Illustration

If you're more into handmade gifts, this is a superb idea. All those online stores that sell arts and crafts will offer you these types of presents. Pick your favourite photo of your family and let an artist do the illustration for you. It would look amazing on the walls in your home. This could be a lovely gift idea for your friends as well. If you like the idea you can always purchase an illustration of yourself from your favourite life moments.
It's never too early think of cool Christmas gifts. Start searching now so you can be prepared for the big day. The best way to make someone happy is to surprise them, so go for gifts they don't expect.
If you cannot travel to see your friends or family this year, you can always send Christmas gifts.

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